Latest Announcements

Patagonia Lithium Ltd has incorporated a new subsidiary called PL3 Brazil Mineracao Ltda based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  The strategy adopted by the board is to explore for Rare Earths, Niobium and  Lithium contained in pegmatites. 

  • 41,746 Ha of vacant ground across 25 applications has been applied for in the highly prospective region of Minas Gerais and Goiás
  • Patagonia’s technical team to commence research and reconnaissance to build a geological exploration database.


In the Araxa area in Minas Gerais there are carbonatite and monazite complexes where we have staked containing rare earths making it a highly-prospective area and a key area of focus for PL3.    In the south east we will be concentrating on the S-type G4 supersuite that consists largely of garnet-bearing two-mica leucogranites that are the source of many pegmatites mined for tourmalines and many other gems, lithium (spodumene) ore and industrial feldspar.  Rare Earths also occur in the carbonatite complexes adjacent to granites.